vaba este EP

November 2019



AVA is a Montana-grown musician whose original songs blend indie, jazz, and RnB influences into folk roots. Her music is directly reflective of her life as a young woman in the era of late capitalist, mass-mediated North America. Themes of greed, power, (dis)connection, love, and loss permeate AVA's playing style for a unique, contemporary sound.


AVA is a lifelong musician and songwriter. She is currently placing music at the forefront of her priorities, focusing on touring, recording, and collaborating with other brilliant artists.


In January 2020, AVA is cutting a new record with a studio band in Minneapolis, MN. Afterwards, she is moving to Vancouver, BC to focus further on music.

"Her songs are poignant, deep with folk roots and breezy jazz-tinged vocals. Clever lyrics reckon with existence in a late capitalist America."


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